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Welcome to

Your Corrective Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Specialist Centres for Sydney and Newcastle

Our treatment specialists and professionals come from both the medical and dental professions. And by working with our specialist surgeons, or with your own trusted orthodontic dental professional, we aim to offer you a coordinated team approach to your total corrective jaw surgery care. Overall we want to give you maximum advantage in receiving the highest standards of medical and dental corrective orthognathic jaw surgery and to maximise the combined functional and aesthetic potentials of both your face and smile.

From specialist radiology, to specialist surgery, to specialist anaesthetic care to specialist manufacturers in distractors and corrective facial appliances… We work with medical and dental professionals to maximise the fantastic modern opportunity of corrective jaw surgery and orthodontics to give balance, harmony and function to your smile, bite, and facial proportions.

You are being referred to a coordinated team of doctors, surgical specialists and orthodontist practitioners. Medicare also helps with some of your treatment costs. And we assist both private medical and private dental insurance providers to help you in other cost areas of corrective jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment too.

We can work with your trusted orthodontist to maximise the efficiency of your health dollar. Coordination means we can forward plan to potentially reduce overall treatment costs, and aim to maximise your legitimate rebate opportunities where we can, and from the start of treatment.

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  • Diagnosis and treatment planning in maxillofacial surgery Profilo Newcastle and Sydney
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  • Jaw Distraction Surgery Profilo Newcastle and Sydney
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  • Volumetric Facial Imaging Profilo Newcastle and Sydney
  • Erin has jaw surgery. Watch video-end first. Before & after jaw surgery. Correction dental overbite
  • Ben has Maxillary Advancement Jaw Surgery Distraction MAD for underbite open bite correction
  • The crowded mandible & effects of jaw distraction & extractions & orthodontic braces before & after
  • Before & After Jaw Surgery Jaw Distraction IMDO overbite small jaw chin
  • The Crowded Maxilla jaw distraction orthognathic jaw surgery orthodontics braces before & after
  • Tamara has IMDO jaw distraction surgery before and after

We do not offer a one-stop-shop solution for your jaw and bite problems, but we do offer a centralised coordination of overall care. From treatment planning through surgery, and through coordinating with other treatment professionals, we want you to have the highest standards of care possible.

We want you to have the best-individualised treatment option possible for you, and to maximise the opportunity to have the best outcome possible.

It’s all up to you. At Profilo, we’re here to help you with all your corrective jaw surgery solutions.

Out-of-town? Email us your digital OPG (dental x-ray), lateral ceph, or clinical photos for a confidential opinion. But remember we have a 1mB download limit, so please keep all your photos contained within one standard .pdf A4 page.

Click here for an example of what we ideally need in order to provide an appropriate opinion.

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